Speed of Judgment, 2007




This machine is a hybrid between an elevator and a guillotine. It's interactive objective is to mimic a beheading followed by the sensation of floating above ones headless body. I began building Speed of Judgment after reading a study, conducted by the US Air Force, on Out-of-Body Experiences. It examined a new line of fighter jet planes that accelerated so fast that the g-forces sucked the blood out of certain portions of pilot’s brains. This occurrence is called G-LOC, and often causes one to have a Near-Death or an Out-of-Body Experience—and sometimes both. When both do occur, they start with the OBE and end with a NDE, and are like two points on a continuum. Also when G-LOC is first induced it creates tunnel vision.  Speed of Judgment attempts to combine this experience with a beheading.








Close up view of interior mirror tunnel